Cercle de lecture Perils of the Night – Bibliographie, MABA, Nogent-sur-Marne, december 20th / 21st 2018 [pdf/FR]

Ut – Libretto, reading, Deeep, Silencio, Paris 8th December 2017 / duuuradio.fr, (with Philippe Latreille) [pdf/FR]

Un re in ascolto, expanded lecture, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Gesù, Modica (IT) April 14th 2017 [pdf/ITA]

Chapitre XI – Les Sirènes. Word Processing, Sound installation and lecture, Adagio, La BF15, March 30th and May 27th 2017 [pdf/FR/ENG]

Divine Horsemen – Conte pour voix et lame musicale, MACVAL, Ivry-sur-Seine, February 5th 2017. On a proposition by Morgane Tschiember [pdf/FR]

La danse des hérons, expanded lecture, IIC – Institut Culturel Italien de Paris, October 23rd 2015 [pdf/FR]

Purple, Orange and Green (Albert Hoffman), Nietzsche, Cyclists and Mushroom exhibition catalogue, June 2015 [pdf/ENG]

Eaux claires et montagnes violettes, expanded lecture, Venir, Voir, Venir, Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, Paris July 5th 2014 [pdf/FR]

Théorie des quatre mouvements, Volume n.5, October 2012 – April 2013 [pdf/FR]

Dit des trois vifs et des trois morts, sound-movie, September 2012 [pdf/FR]

V.P. Theatrum. A Philosophical Cabaret in Two Acts, NERO n. 29, Spring/Summer 2012 [pdf/ENG]

Fragments&Series, Occulto Magazine n. v -1, November 2011 [pdf/ENG]

Stanzas, sound-movie, June 2011 [pdf ITA/ENG]

We Love Unfiltered Cigarettes and Basketball Shoes. Life and Death of Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor, reading at A Snowball Effect, Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen December 11th, 2010 [pdf/ENG]

Enigma 06, Kaleidoscope n.6, April-May 2010 [pdf/ITA]

The Curious and the Talkers, sound-movie, March 2010 [pdf/ENG] / [pdf/FR]

Doppiocieco – Osservazioni, Flash Art Italia n.280, February 2010 (with Jorge Satorre) [pdf/ITA]

Scene I – Musing on the Works of Hilma af Klint in the Form of a Dialogue. Where a Scientist and a Detective Discuss Representation, sound-movie, December 2009 [pdf ITA/ENG]

Haunted, monologues for a photo-movie, November 2008 | [pdf/ENG]

Wake, Screenplay, January 7th, 2008 – September 30th, 2014 (selection) [pdf/ITA]